Summer 2003


Brahms, Liebeslieder Walzer Op 52

  1. Rede Mädchen
  2. Am Gesteine Rauscht die Flut
  3. O die Frauen (men only)
  4. Wie des Abends (women only)
  5. Die grüne Hopfenranke
  6. Ein kleiner, hübscher Vogel
  7. Wohl schön bewandt
  8. Wenn so lind dein Auge
  9. Am Donaustrande
  10. O wie sanft die Quelle
  11. Nein, es ist nicht auszukommen
  12. Schlosser auf!
  13. Vögelein durch rauscht die Luft (women only)
  14. Sieh' wie ist die Welle klar (men only)
  15. Nachtigall, sie singt so schön
  16. Ein dunkele Schacht
  17. Nicht wandle mein Licht (tenor solo)
  18. Es bebet das Gesträuche

           All 18 walzer as a .zip file


Elgar, From the Bavarian Highlands

  1. The Dance
  2. False Love

          Both Elgar songs as a .zip file


Nigel Pinkney is posted this summer, and has officially stepped down as chairman. I am sure that you would all agree that he has done a sterling job as the Society Chairman BUT we need a replacement.

Concert - Music for a Midsummer's Eve

The next Choral Society concert will be an informal affair held in the Rheindahlen Rooms in early Summer. Hopefully the weather will oblige and we will be able to open the doors onto the terrace. Guests will be seated at round tables and served strawberries, cream and champagne. The programme will consist of the Liebeslieder Waltzes by Brahms, From the Bavarian Highlands by Elgar and incidental music provided by a wind quintet.

Download the programme (.pdf file, 1.4Mb)

Pictures of the Concert

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